I'm your Wordsmith First, Danielle Rebbechi. I understand that the demands of business often don't leave time for important writing projects, such as site-specific Occupational Health and Safety procedures, the documentation of key processes like ordering, receiving and quality assurance in your office or workshop, or crafting appealing text for marketing, social media and other online purposes.

Did you know that submitting your business for industry-relevant awards is a popular marketing tool for raising the profile of your business? Even being shortlisted is newsworthy and usually warrants local print attention, while also providing content for success-critical social media posts. Are you eligible for a government grant or niche funding but daunted by completing the paperwork? Undertaking such submissions demands effective writing skills your staff may not have, or time they can more efficiently use in other office tasks.

This is where I can help! I offer a range of professional writing and editing services on a project basis, including:

Online Writing | Social Media | Community Engagement

Business Writing | Formal Documentation | Professional Editing

Background Research | Personal Interviews | Online Surveys

  • Preparing, conducting and reporting on online surveys
  • Interviews for research purposes, interviews with local identities, and success stories
  • Locating source material
  • Comprehensive research projects

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Danielle Rebbechi
Professional Wordsmith

I hold a Diploma of Professional Writing and Editing and a Bachelor's Degree. With university-published writing pieces, a creative writing blog, numerous competition submissions, and long time involvement in writing groups and organisations, I look forward to sharing my skills and experience with you. Contact me for a no-obligation chat about your business writing needs.

Email: enquiries@wordsmithfirst.com

Phone:  0437-361-216

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